5 Machine Maintenance Tips That Extends Wear Parts Longevity 

5 Machine Maintenance Tips That Extends Wear Parts Longevity     

Heavy machines or what is referred to as industrial machines require proper maintenance to keep them in good condition. That is why it is important to have a very elaborate maintenance program to ensure that your machine is working efficiently. The most affected part of any machines’ are worn parts. These are the parts that do the actual working work especial in the cutting and hence they greatly affect the efficiency of the machine. We have rounded up some of the key maintenance tips that will keep your machine wear parts in good condition.

Add and Test Lubricant Frequently

Lubrication is one of the key things that any machine owner or operator must be following seriously. That is because it affects the overall efficiency of the machine. All machines must be lubricated adequately to ensure that they are operating smoothly. Most the machine wear parts wear down that happens is usually as a result of friction. Therefore, if you want to tackle the issue of machine wear parts wears down, then you must ensure that the machine properly lubricated. Make sure that you are using specified and quality oil and great to get more from it.

Check for Signs of Wear

Some may not know it, but there are signs of tear for every machine. If you are keen and experienced in handling machines, you will sense excess vibration, lots of friction, shock and belts. These are just a few of the signs that your machine wear parts are wearing down. Should you discover any wear and tear of the machine, you must quickly set in motion the process of fixing the problems.

Keep the Machine Clean

Keep the machine and in a clean environment. Some of the wear seen in machine parts is as a result of neglect. Therefore, you must ensure that the machine is cleaned after work and more the wear like the cutter tools since they are the most exposed to dirt and debris.

Maintenance and Repair Schedule

You must have a maintenance schedule in place. Make sure that schedule is followed with skipping no matter what. You need to know when it is time to do deep repair and the typical repair. That will ensure that you have kept the machine in the best condition possible.

Qualified Operator

One of the first things that you need to consider is the operator. You may have gotten everything right but if the if the operator is not experienced or not up to the task, then you will have a problem with machine wear parts wearing out very first. Therefore make sure that the operator is running the machine adequately equipped with the right skills. Experience should be the thing that you are looking for.

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