CBI Grinders

CBI Grinders

CBI is a market leader in the manufacturing and supplying wood grinders. The brand is best known for producing and supplying some of the best quality grinders in the market. If you are looking to invest in a horizontal wood grinder for your waste wood management, then CBI grinders are some of the best options that you can get in the market. What makes these beasts popular with wood waste processors?

CBI focuses on providing users with flexibility, sustainability, and durability. That’s the reason why they have various designs for the machine to address a range of customer needs. First, the brand a variety of horsepower to their customers. If you are looking for grinder that handles brushes and not so common wood waste material, you can pick the small horsepower machines for that. For those looking for bigger machines that can grind stumps, tree limbs, and more complex wood wastes, you have a range of high powered CBI horizontal grinder to pick from.

To achieve durability feature, the brand has invested heavily in quality. From the rugged body to the quality of the wear parts, CBI definitely offers the best to their customers. Note that the body of CBI horizontal grinders is from the best grade of cast steel. That is why it is able to retain its original shape even after exposure to harsh conditions. In addition to the body, CBI uses the highest grade materials for the wear parts. That is why they can deliver peak performance for an extended period. Their cutters tools are from the highest grade of tungsten carbide and steel alloys.

When it comes to flexibility in application, CBI Horizontal grinders offer the best. The brand has designed their machines offer their customer with a vast range of options to pick from. You can buy a portable or stationary grinder. In addition, you can also buy an electric or diesel powered grinder depending on what works best for them.

However, it is essential to ensure that these machines are kept in their best conditions possible. That is because they will start wearing down when you start using them. That is why you need to make a replacement to the wear down wear parts. At Wear Parts China, we are providing you with high-quality wear parts for your CBI horizontal grinders. The performance of our aftermarket products even surpasses that of the OEMs since we pay attention customized tools.